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Hi guys, this post was initally going to be an outfit of the day but as I was starting to put the content together it just didn't feel right to me. I felt off and something inside me just didn't feel passionate about the content that I was creating. I realized that that feeling was the reason I have neglected my blog for so long. I love the idea of having a blog, somewhere I can express myself and hopefully people understand it and find a home with The Stylish Vagabond.

When I first stared my blog many years ago I thought it was all about #ootd and hauls but as time went on I would produce content less and less and felt more disconnected to myself and what I stood for. As I got older I started reading about zero waste and slow fashion which sparked something in me that was exciting, but i didn't know how to translate that into a blog or if that was a topic that people would understand. I did't want to come off as being preachy or better then or that I have everything figured out, because I deffently do not. I just stuck. I feel stuck in my life, my career and stuck in this blog. I know I have to make some changes personally and professionally and get that love and excitement for this blog back. I will start to write about things that I'm passionate about and speak from the heart. I just want to write about fun things and introduce you guys to brands that you may never have heard of and if this turns into a full time gig then that would be amazing!! Im not sure what the future holds for The Stylish Vagabond but i am excited and hope you bare with me for this ride.


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