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If you are like me and haven't been living under a rock then you are familiar with the term "vegan". It  is all over blogs, social media and countless documentaries talking about how amazing veganism is not only form your body but for your mind as well. Sounds pretty amazing right? 

So what is Vegan? Its a person that doesn't consume or use anything with animal products. A few years ago when the massive wave of people either going vegan or were vegan was all over youtube and other social media I like most was really interested. I watched countless what I eat in a day videos and documentaries about how great veganism was and how horrible the meat and dairy industry was and how the standard American diet was slowly killing us. I freaked out and vowed then and there to go vegan and never look back. Big mistake. I only lasted a week and then binged on Burger King and felt terrible about myself. Now I know it wasn't going vegan that made me fail miserably but it was my poor planning and naiveté that led me to crash and burn. I thought to myself that going vegan was too hard and too expensive and just not for me. So I put it on the back burner of my mind and didn't give it much thought until recently. 

With wanting to live a more sustainable, ethical and cruelty free lifestyle its only natural that the thought of going vegan would come to the surface again. I was watching all of these youtuber's and bloggers that I love like Loni Jane, Ellen Fisher, Tess Begg, Cam & Nina, Rachel Ama and Sweet Potato Soul just to name a few and they really have been inspiring me to reconsider going vegan. The right way this time. Now I'm not going to say that I will be going 100% vegan but I can say that I am committed to living a healthy lifestyle with whole foods that nourish and fuel my body that incorporates lots of fruits and veggies and eliminates fast food, caffeine, junk food, and processed foods. I would also be lying if I didn't mention how I dream of buying a house with a big backyard so I can have a huge garden of my own and have my own chicken coop. I have to be honest.

Im not sure how long this will last but I will take it day by day and not put any unnecessary pressure on myself to be perfect and I will listen to my body and of course keep all of you updated throughout the process. And who knows I may even post yummy vegan recipes on my blog and showcase healthy restaurants that I am loving at the moment. As always don't forget to comment below and keep the conversation going.


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  1. I love this post! I went vegan a while ago. I never really cared about meat but it was so convenient- I'd just add vegetables and lunch and dinner were done. I caught myself having meat two times a day which even then I thought it was too much. When my husband (who was obsessed with meat) proposed that we go vegan, it felt "oh, finally". We watched Cowspiracy and it was really scary. Despite it took us a while to actually become vegans and not vegetarians. Now when people ask me what do I eat, I just laugh. There is so much wonderful, plant based food but a lot of people think I only eat salad and lentils :)))
    I think it's important to take a step at the time and not beat yourself up about slipping occasionally into old habits. For me it was a process and it took a while. I wish you every success!


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