My Top 5 Zero Waste Products For The Kitchen

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When I started to change the way I shopped for clothing, wanting ethical, fair trade, sustainable clothes I also started to notice people using words like minimalism and zero waste. 

Naturally I was curious and dove head first into all things zero waste,minimalism. I will go into detail about my minimalism journey in a future post but in this post I want to talk about zero waste. Now What is zero waste? According to Media Room "zero waste" is defined as a philosophy of eliminating the generation of materials that have no viable or economic option for end-of-use management. Now how I interpret that is reducing your waste (garbage) that we as humans naturally make. I will be making a few blog post all about how I make little changes in my daily life that helps me become more zero waste and help the environment. In this post it is all about my zero waste kitchen essentials. Have you heard of zero waste before?


1. Tea Towels- Using reusable towels instead of paper napkins or paper towels saves you money and keeps all of that paper out of the landfills. In the United States 13 Billion pounds of paper towels are used each year. Now imagine how much of that is being thrown away vs recycled.

2. Mason Jars- Glass mason jars for food storage instead of plastic ones lasts longer. You won't have plastic seeping into your food which is not good for anybody and having mason jars on you counter look pretty.

3. Wood Cutting Boards- Replacing your plastic cutting boards with wood ones is a great steep to going zero waste because wood lasts longer. The wood is not as porous as plastic and will not stain.

4. Glass Measuring Cup- You may not think this makes a big difference but making the simple switch from plastic to glass will save you money in the long run and is better for the environment.

5. Cast Iron Skillet- Spending a little more money on good quality pans will last years and years and save you money because you won't have to keep replacing the cheap pans over and over again. Just save your money and buy a quality one. You can fine options on Amazon or Ebay.

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