6 Ethical & Fair Trade Denim Brands For Every Budget

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Nothing is more iconic or more american the denim jeans. We all have many different pairs in our closet but do we even pay attention to where that denim is made? Chances are they are not made in America. 

We are so quick to head to the mall and blindly buy a pair of super trendy jeans that are cool now but so out of here in a season or two, hello glitter jeans. I am guilty of this as well. But recently I decided to make a change and start to research where and how my jeans are made and while doing that I realized that most fast fashion companies are taking short cuts when making their denim. But there is hope because I have found so many brands who are devoted to making great quality clothing in and ethical an sustainable way without sacrificing style. I have put together 10 brands that I think are making waves in the fashion industry and deserve a shoutout. What are some of your favorite denim brands?


1. Bluer Denim- Based out of Portland, OR this company uses cotton grown in Georgia, Finishings from Kentucky, and milled in North Carolina they are a truly American made brand. Prices start at $95

2. Mott & Bow- This is a New York based company that provides fair-wages to all employees including at their  manufacturing office in Honduras. Prices start at $96

3. Everlane- When you think about ethical fashion the first brand that comes to mind is Everlane. They believe that the consumer should be well informed in how and where their clothing is made. Prices start at $68

4. Imogene + Willie- Based in Nashville this brand sells so many cute items with amazing craftsmanship. While the denim can be a little pricy they are well worth it and you will have them for years. Prices start at $195

5. AG Jeans - This company offers a large assortment of denim styles. They use a vertical integrated manufacturing facility to make their clothes which helps them remain  ethical/sustainable and be in control of the entire process from start to finish. They have also decreased their water consumption by 50% using Ozone Technology. Prices start at $150

6. Reformation- Now if you have followed my blog for a while then you know how much I love Reformation. Their denim is made from either sustainable fabrics, 100% recycled materials or deadstock fabrics. Prices start at $98

*Bonus- Thrift!!! One of my favorite ways to find jeans is to thrift them. You can find a great pair and DIY them to fit the trends that you see everyday. This is ethical, sustainable and its way cheaper then buying from a store. I will be making a post all about how I DIY my jeans which will be up soon so keep an eye out!

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