My Love Affair With Kiehl's Skincare

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For the longest time now I have been experimenting with my skincare routine trying to find different brands that would work well together on my skin to create the perfect routine. I like most people have heard about Kiehl's for a long time now and have always wanted to try out some of their products but just never got around to it. 

Recently my boyfriend and I went to Austin TX and while out and about exploring the city we came across the Kiehl's store and I just had to go in. We don't have a free standing Kiehl's store in my home town but whenever I'm in a bigger city I always stop in to see what they have to offer. I usually walk around the store testing products but for some reason not buying anything but this time was different. I was determined to try out a few products that have been on my beauty list for some time now. 

After talking with the manager about my skin I chose my first product which was the Midnight Recovery Concentrate. This product has been all over the blogs and so many people rave about this little bottle of goodness. This product is a light facial oil that visibly restores the appearance of skin while also improving skins firmness and elasticity. 

I usually use this serum every other night when I'm doing my skincare routine and my skin loves it!!! It pairs really great with my other skincare products and i would highly recommend it. The second item I bought from Kiehl's is their Creamy Under Eye Treatment. This is by far my favorite eye cream because it is thick and doesn't run into my eyes at night. This eye cream uses avocado oil to moisturize the skin. This cream smoothes while replenishes the under eye. 

So this was a little sneak peak into my skincare routine. I will do a full routine soon.


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