Style Spotlight- Clare V

11:00:00 AM

So for my second edition of style spotlight I wanted to talk about a brand that I am truly obsessed with, Clare V. 

This is a brand that I stumbled on while stuck in a Instagram worm hole one late night. Their amazingly beautiful minimal designs really stood out to me. They really have that cool girl vibe. You know that, I shop at thrift stores for records, buy an obscene amount of flowers from the farmers market and go to obscure art shows in Brooklyn kind of girl. The girl that we all secretly wish we were but defiantly are not. But with Clare V you can be or at least buy the things that the cool girls do.

Clare V makes a ton of beautiful products from handbags to home decor. I suggest that if you haven't heard of this brand you really should look into it because I'm am sure you will find something or in my case a lot of things that you like.


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