Style Spotlight- Emerson Fry

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So I wanted to start a new section on my blog called Style Spotlight were I showcase a brand/designer that I feel is doing great things for the environment and the fashion industry. For this post I wanted to talk about a brand called Emerson Fry

I was first introduced to this brand via Chelsea Wears on youtube who is the funny and always entertaining owner/buyer of a shop out of San Francisco called Anomie. Chelsea has such great style and I quickly became obsessed with her store and all of the beautiful and well curated items she sells, but one brand in particular (Emerson Fry) really stood out to me. Emerson Fry is a family owned business that focuses on small production runs of new and existing products. Another thing that really stood out to me when looking over the Emerson Fry website was their commitment to creating jobs and supporting the community. They state "Our line is produced domestically alongside smaller capsule collections using heritage techniques from carefully selected spots around the world. Our goal is to create jobs and support positive social, cultural and environmental shifts." 


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