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Hey guys, so on days when I'm feeling a bit blah and have the end of summer blues and just need a little pick me up I have been looking to yummy snacks to fill me up. I was recently contacted by the people of Amplify snack brand that make the SkinnyPop snacks to showcase paring different pairings of SkinnyPop popcorn and mixed drinks for the perfect summer treat.  

They kindly gave me and you this pairing chart listed below with different drink recipes and the flavor of popcorn that pairs best with it. So I decided to give it a try, and by while all of the pairings sound delicious it was the sea salt and black pepper paid with the blackberry mojito combo that really caught my eye. 

 The seasoning of the popcorn cut down on the sweetness of the mojito which was so yummy and refreshing. The drink was very easy to make especially with the recipe that they give you. I love SkinnyPop because they use the freshest ingredients whole grain popcorn and sunflower oil so you don't feel like your cheating on your diet when you eat it. Im excited to try more of their popcorn flavors and drink of course and as always let you know how they turn out.


What are your favorite combinations?

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