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With the weather getting warmer most people think that that is when you retire your lush velvet pieces until next fall, but I want to show you how you can still rock your fav velvet items well into spring. 

With the help of Farfetch and their new Style Guide which is a hub of all things trending in fashion I found an article discussing what else velvet. In this article called "Why Velvet Clothing Should Be Your Go-To Fabric" it talks about all of the different ways you can rock velvet and it also talks about the numerous resurgences that velvet has had over the years. The article is pretty amazing you guys should really check it out. 

So after reading the article I was inspired to create a mood board that really encompasses my personal style and how I would incorporate velvet into my wardrobe. Don't forget velvet is not strictly for your wardrobe, velvet is huge in interior design too. Nothing beats a beautiful velvet sofa or chair guys. How will you rock velvet this season?


"Why Velvet" The Article Mentioned Above

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