It's All About That Fit, Bra Fit That Is

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So if you couldn't tell by the title of this post I'm talking all about bras and my love hate relationship with them. We are told from a young age that as soon as we hit puberty we have to "strap those puppies down" like proper your ladies. 

For me growing up I can remember sleepovers with friends and stuffing our bras with water balloons and hoping that one day boobs would grow. I would use birthday wishes and say my pryers hoping that that day I would be lucky enough to see what all the fuss was all about, and boy did I. In middle school puberty hit me like a freight train and I went  from training bras to real bras in .2 seconds. And after all of these years bras had become the bane of my existence, so uncomfortable and restricting. And I know I'm not the only woman to look forward to walking trough my door after a long day and rising my bra off. But after lots of research I had an ahah moment, I realized that maybe I hated my bra because it didn't fit!! Majority of woman are wearing the wrong size bra including myself. It is so important to get measured properly and figure out your size and breast shape, which is why a company like ThirdLove is so amazing. They are a one stop shop for your boobs. 

ThirdLove is a company that provides spectacularly fitting bras in a large size run which is good for a girl like me with 34 DDD's. People underestimate what a well fitting bra does for you, your heads up, back is straight and you fell like you can conquer the world. Not to mention that it is the perfect base layer to creating an amazing outfit. People also forget the importance of knowing your breast shape because shape and size go hand and hand.
Below I have added an easy to follow breast shape chart thanks to ThirdLove, so you won't again be encumbered by an ill fitting bra. 

I hope that after reading this post that you go and get properly measured and use this chart to find your correct breast shape and right type of bra that best compliments said shape. The people from ThirdLove were kind enough to reach out to me and provide you guys with an awesome promo code BRABLEMSTL15FEB
So what do you guys think about bras and are you wearing a bra that doesn't fit right now?


Top- Zara (old)
Jeans- Thrifted
Bra (old)- Similar one from ThirdLove

*I was not paid to create this content and will not receive monetary gain if promo code is used. All thoughts and feelings are my own. :)

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