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Hey guys, Happy New Year!!! So in my blog post titled A Year In Review I spoke about changes that I was going to be making in 2017. With this post I wanted to go into a little more detail explaining exactly what I plan on doing and the changes that I will be making to this blog. I plan on living a more minimalist and less wasteful lifestyle which means I will be showcasing local, eco friendly, sustainable, and cruelty free products and the brands that are trying to change the world. I will still post fashion and beauty posts but showcasing thrift finds and eco friendly items. Basically I am trying to merge my love of all things fashion while being environmental conscious. Really trying to show that you can have a sense of style without shopping fast fashion. Now I like you know how easy and convenient it is to shop fast fashion but ethically and morally I just cannot look past the damage that these companies do to their employees and the environment. 

I am not perfect and cannot sit here and say that I will never shop fast fashion again because that is not realistic for me financially speaking. But I can say that I will do my best to become more educated on this topic and try to make better choices everyday. Now I don't know what this new direction means for this blog but I feel strongly about this topic and wish to bring you along with me on my journey.


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