Is it Actually Undershirt Season Already?

11:00:00 AM

I can't believe that fall is here already. It seams like just yesterday I was kicking my butt in the gym getting ready for summer festival season. But fall is my favorite season because of the cool weather which makes for perfectly layered outfits. This goes for woman and men. 
Now you cannot just throw any old thing on and expect to look effortlessly chic layered to the gods. There are some guidelines to follow to keep you from looking like your closet exploded on you. The first and most important one is having a great base layer (undershirt). Having the right undershirt is super important in creating the perfect layered outfit, especially for all of my guys out there. Undershirts like the ones from Tommy John not only not only wicks away moisture keeping you nice and dry but acts as another layer to keep you warm in cold weather.

Now ladies don't think I forgot about you. I wear mens undershirts too, but instead of wearing them under my clothes I wear them as a tee shirt. With a little help from Tommy John I have all there is to know about undershirts and their history. Now go crazy and layer up for fall, but remember wearing a undershirt as your first layer is the best base in creating the perfect layered look for fall.


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