Gucci Gucci Gucci

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Gucci Gucci Gucci

Lately I have been obsessed with all things Gucci and the amazing products they have on their website. Everything from fur lined loafers, cool girl heels, and the most perfect handbags Gucci has something for everyone.

Now I know that this is way out of my price range but, a girl can dream can't she. What are your favorite Gucci finds for spring/summer?


Gucci Gucci Gucci by tpixie featuring a travel backpack

Gucci black shoes
$645 -

Gucci leather shoes
$1,335 -

Gucci leather shoes
$995 -

Gucci black sandals
$995 -

Gucci loafer
$860 -

Gucci brown purse

Gucci leather bag
$1,505 -

Gucci travel backpack
$1,795 -

Gucci ring
$1,335 -

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  1. I never fell in love with some shoes as with those amazing high mules and the beautiful loafers! They are just absolutely AMAZING!!!
    XO from Germany :)


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