How To Create A Capsule Wardrobe

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I love fashion which is why I started a blog and went to fashion school, but like most woman I love to shop. I am guilty of going into a store and getting so wrapped up in the excitement of shopping that I buy things that I don't need, can't wear or already have the exact same item in my closet already. As you can imagine this leads to a few problems like an overstuffed closet that can no longer hold all of your clothes so you try to find places to store them but that just leads to tons of rolling racks cluttering your nice place. Also with so many clothing options I can never find anything to wear, which is crazy. And worst of all it is a total waste of MONEY! I knew I had to make a change so after doing a little research and checking out some of my favorite bloggers and pinterest I decided that I would try and create a capsule wardrobe. Now some of you may not know what this is exactly but a  quick definition of a capsule wardrobe is a mini wardrobe made up of key versatile pieces that you LOVE to wear, and can easily be interchanged with each other to create many different looks. 

The first thing I had to do was get rid of a ton of clothing/beauty/accessories and at first I thought throwing things away would be difficult or dare I say emotional. I thought I would feel like I was somehow throwing away my memories. It was wired and I was upset with myself seeing all of those dollar signs going into the trash bin but after a while I felt a sense of relief like a weight was lifted off my shoulders and I could finally breath. I realized that I as a person I identified myself as a fashion obsessed girl my hole life and getting compliments on what I wore made me happy. If I was stressed out or feeling down about life, my fluctuating weight or not feeling pretty or confident I could put on a great outfit and use it as an armour to protect myself from the world. I realized that I used my clothing as a comfort blanket, and I sometimes think that I don't know who I am without fashion which is scary. 

So a lot went through my mind while I was cleaning out my wardrobe, I don't need all of these things dragging me down, I am more than just Teeara the fashion girl, and I really want to research how to live a more minimalist lifestyle which I will go into detail more in a feature post. I want to get back to the basics with my life, work, health and fitness and just taking back control over my life, because it is my life after all. I know I just talked about some heavy things which is somewhat different then the usual light hearted fashion OOTD posts that I usually do but I am hoping to incorporate more posts like this one to my blog, which will help you get to know me better. Now I still love fashion and I will continue to post my outfits but now I know I'm doing it for me because I love it. If you were thinking about building a capsule wardrobe or going minimalist try it because I wasn't just cleaning my closet I was cleaning my mind. And it feels amazing.


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