Anti Valentine's Day

10:00:00 AM

Hey guys, so its Valentine's Day and if you are anything like me you can absolutely care less.
Around this time of year we are being hit with bloggers, youtubers, and insta girls showcasing their pink lace and glitter outfits with heart emojis and spewing love quotes about their significant others that you know is a huge overcompensation for a failing relationship. I'm not into these fake holidays that force you to by cliché red roses and cheap boxes of chocolate just to prove you love someone. I don't need someone to complete me or make me feel better about myself and I refuse to feel as if I am somehow less then or not good enough because I choose to be single. I do not need a man to define me and because of that I am my own Valentine and I'll buy myself some damn flowers and chocolate, but the expensive kind because i'm worth it.


Jacket- Forever 21
Sweater- H&M (old)
Shirt- Old Navy
Jeans- Old Navy
Shoes- ASOS (similar)

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