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Hi guys, so I'm back again with a small review on my newest obsession which is called "Boy Brow" by Glossier. If your are familiar with this blog then you know that I don't typically discuss beauty products on this blog, its more about showcasing my love for all things fashion but after trying this product I knew I had to tell you guys about it.
Now I am not one to get excited about makeup especially when it comes to my brows but I have found the perfect product to tame those brows with little effort. I have seen plenty of "beauty guru's" on youtube achieving different makeup looks and spending what feels like forever trying to fill in their non existent brows with the newest and trendiest powders and gels. While my Groucho Marx brows don't need any more filling in, I like most girls looked to these woman to teach me how to tame my brows. So I went out and bought the products and somehow even after following their advice word for word I still end up looking like Ronald McDonald. And honestly I do not have the time or patience to spend all day on my makeup let alone on my brows, I mean I do have a job.

After being turned onto Glossier products by a close friend I decided to check out their youtube page and after spending hours watching all of their videos I was mesmerized by the natural and diverse woman that they showcased on their channel and decided to try out some of their products. When the package first arrived it came in cute packaging with a little pink pouch that I could use to store my makeup when I travel along with some stickers. The actual product is a small tube of brow gel that comes in three shades blond, brown, and black (I chose black) and once on it magically makes my brows look like brows, imagine that. I am so happy with this purchase and am excited to try out more of Glossier products. So have you tried Glossier Boy Brow yet, if so what did you think?


Glossier "Boy Brow"
Glossier Youtube Page

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