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5:30:00 PM

Hey Guys,

As the weather in Pittsburgh is every changing this summer I thought I would put together an outfit that can adapt to this crazy weather. I love pairing shorts with a more oversized top like this beautiful and lux deep purple velvet top from Urban Outfitters.
Of course being the accessory loving girl that I am I had to throw on a beanie from ASOS, and yes I know its summer but hats are amazing and perfect for covering up that bad hair day. I also love taking what could be considered a girlie cute outfit and adding a little edge by wearing my favorite warn in brown boots instead of sandals or (she takes a pause) the dreaded flip flops. I love taking a normal mainstream look and adding my own edgy spin to it. Because that is what style is all about, taking chances and not being afraid to stand out and be your own person with your own fashion point of view.


Top (similar)- EBAY 
Shorts- Thrift Store
Boots (similar)- Steve Madden

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