Flowers In Winter

5:30:00 PM

I am not what most would call a girlie girl but I have to say I do love floral. There is something about the image that screams spring, and when you are stuck in the dead of winter with its grey and gloomy freezing cold weather its nice to bring a little spring into my outfits.
Its reminds me that winter will be over soon and then its back to flowers blooming, grass growing and late nights having fun with friends. I love these pants and how long and comfy they are and I really liked pairing them with a more masculine sweatshirt for that juxtaposition and because its the middle of winter. But my favorite part of this look has to be the shoes, these shoes are everything that right in the world and super comfortable. Less than three more months until spring. What are you most looking forward to?


Shirt- Borrowed from my brother
Pants- Forever 21 (similar)
Shoes- Bakers (similar)
Necklace- H&M (similar)
Rings- Forever 21
Bag- Goodwill

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