The Coven

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I am so excited today because one of my favorite shows American Horror Story is returning for its newest season. I have been in love with this show since day one but my all time favorite season by far is The Coven. I found these characters to be very interesting especially when it comes to their personal style. They find a way to maintain a balance of  being effortlessly cool, strong but deadly and always chic in all black.
I have always thought witches were so fascinating with their beauty and ability to cast spells for whatever their heart desires, I think that is so cool. Apparently so does everyone else because witches are popping up all over T.V and movies lately, especially since we are so close to Halloween.  I have secretly always wanted to be a witch, I grew up watching Sabrina, Charmed and Buffy and always thought if I could be a witch what would I do with my powers?
My first thought was I'd be married to David Beckham, have a closet full of designer clothes and be a top fashion blogger/stylist. I mean after I fixed world hunger and saved the environment of course. But life doesn't really work like that. So instead I decided to take some fashion inspiration from these powerful women and incorporate a little magic into my own everyday style.


If you were a witch what are some fun things you would do with your new powers? Leave them in the comments below.

Jacket- Forever 21
Dress- H&M (similar)
Shoes- H&M (similar)

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