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CoCo Chanel once said that before a woman left her home she should remove one piece of jewelry so she didn't look over done or overly accessorized. While I love Coco and all that she has accomplished and look up to her greatly I do however disagree with her on this topic, you see I am someone that loves accessories and have the tendency at times to think that more is more.
I am not gaudy by any means or a minimalist but I do think that no look is complete without the perfect added little details like a bold red lip, an arm full of bangles or the most perfect pill box hat. To me its the accessories that take a somewhat boring outfit and turns it into something that is visually pleasing while also showing off your own personal style.

This brings me to my most recent outfit of the day post because I live on the east coast the weather is starting to change and fall is finally here. This is my favorite time of the year, a time when you can layer until your little hearts content and when stores are showcasing their best fall fabrics. You can snuggle up in your best comfy cozy oversized sweater (my favorites are from Topshop) and casually toss on a scarf channeling your inner French woman. For this particular look I was trying to look effortlessly cool in my Steve Madden motorcycle boots and leather leggings and a bit ladylike in my crochet sweater and bold red lip, all while trying to stay warm in the crisp fall air. I recently purchased this adorable hat from H&M which added a little something to the outfit all while hiding a bad hair day.

SO really what I'm trying to say is stay true to yourself and dress the way you want to and not the way other people tell you to. And when all else fails put a hat on it.


Boots- Steve Madden (old)
Pants- Urban Outfitters (old)
Top- Forever 21 (old)
Jacket- Forever 21 (sold out)
Hat- H&M (click for link)

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